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Financial resources for Sydney buyers and investors

At Finance in Sydney, we‟re dedicated to helping you make the right choices when it comes to investing. Our professional team have put together a list of financial resources to help you feel more informed and equipped. Get in touch with us for specialised advice tailored to your unique situation.

What is the NCCP

The NCCP (National Consumer Credit Protection Act) is newly effective legislation designed to protect consumers by ensuring the mortgage industry acts ethically and professionally. 

Registered by the ASIC, all mortgage brokers must hold either an Australian Credit Licence or be registered as an Authorised
Representative of an Australian Credit Licence holder. Finance in Sydney holds an Australian Credit Licence (#381108).

Under the NCCP how do I get a loan?

Mortgage brokers are now required to follow specific procedures when you apply for a loan, including:
  • Reasonable inquiries into your financial position, loan requirements and objectives
  • Setting out reasonable steps to verify your financial information
  • Providing you with a preliminary assessment of the loan from gathered information

Why can’t you just tell me which lender is best?

Unfortunately, we're unable to advise which lender is the „best' leader without understanding your personal situation. 

If we suggest lenders without conducting our due diligence we would be in breach of the NCCP. Applying for a new loan can be a complicated process and unless we complete a thorough
assessment of your application it risks being declined. Even worse, without in-depth information, we may provide you with an incorrect loan for your needs.

Can you provide me with an interest rate?

We‟re able to provide you with indicative interest rate information from lenders along with their fees and charges. 

We like to provide you with a choice of different lenders whenever possible.

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