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Sydney’s best selection of fixed rate home loans

A fixed rate home loan allows you to lock in your interest rate over a number of years. Ideal for purchasing a home or investment property, a fixed rate loan is typically taken out for 1-5 years. Our Sydney finance professionals help you understand your options and choose the best loan for your circumstances.

Advantages and risks

Fixed rate loans allow you to accurately budget your mortgage repayments, giving you the comfort of security for the duration of your loan. Part-fixed and part variable loans give you the benefits of predetermined repayments as well as the ability to make additional payments on variable rate loans. Fixed rate loans can include interest only or principal and interest repayments along with internet and phone banking. 

With fixed rate home loans, a number of additional repayments are limited. When considering a fixed rate loan, you must think about what you plan to do with the property you're purchasing. For instance, if you repay the loan during a fixed rate period you could incur heavy rate break costs.

How do I find out more?

If you‟re interested in finding out more about fixed rate home loans, Our Sydney professionals are on hand to answer any of your questions. Remember, each situation brings along a unique set of circumstances leading to more benefits for some - what‟s best for your friend isn‟t necessarily what‟s best for you. 

To find out how to best cater to your situation, get in touch with our loan experts.

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